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Cat Oil Spill in the Des Plaines River

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Being a Central Il member I don't get to fish up on the Des Plaines or Dupage Rivers as of yet, but wondered if anyone is seeing or knows whether this is going to have an effect on the environment and the fish. I saw a story in our local paper and found one from the Trib online. I hadn't seen anyone talking about this significant spill. I don't know, but it would seem to me it would be hard to clean up 6,000 Gallons of used oil sludge with no bad envirenmental impacts seen as is reported?? I have fished the Kankakee and I know this stream is connected.


Thought it would be good to get some input from people closer to the situation. Here is the link to the Trib story : http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/c...0,6444384.story

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Rick, The impact should be confined to the Desplaines in a stretch that is heavily commercial.Basically a parking lot for barges if it's where I think it is.If it had to happen better there than anywhere else.



That's good I guess? At least it is admitted and addressed, contained and cleaned up. I could only think of the boiler cleaner spill from the U of I that went down the bone ditch to the Salt Fork in our area and the Ammonia and other compounds did kill fish for several miles.

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