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Members donating flys!

Guest Don R

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To date the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance has received 265 flies to be used in new member packets, our former member renewal campaign and various raffles including the Blowout! :)


A heartfelt 'thanks' goes out to each and every one of you that has spent your time and money tying flys for the ISA! Others have donated purchased flys as well.


Jude T, Rich M, John L, Cory G, Greg C and Stan Z have all donated more than 2 dozen flies each! Some of them have produced twice that amount! Other donors are Josh B, Pat H, Alan S, Joe D and Stuart V.




Several dozen flys are still needed.


Are there any other tyers out there that wish to contribute to the cause?

What type of flies are needed? Smally flies or just whatever?




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