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For a long time I have been a great fan of Strike King 3X soft plactic lures. They are tuff, tuff, tuff. They are the ones that stretch to over 10 times their length and recover without damage. Strike King still makes them, though they are harder and harder to find in stores.


So I was happy to find Elaztech-another name for the same material. The pictures above are examples taken from 20 or so different models they make. I recently ordered a few and found them to be very good quality. So here is a solid source. Take a look.



In the past I have had best luck with lizards, grubs, and stick worms, but the 4" creature shown first screams fish to me.



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Do they float like the Strike King version do? That middle one that looks like a senko would be good for me...if it sank.


Some float; some sink. The one that looks like a Senko is impregnated with salt; so it sinks. From the description the Finesse Worms are also salt impregnated and sink. I think the others all float though you would have to read the description to be sure.


BTW from using the Strike King Zero (their Senko), I know you can cut it down to 3 or 4 inch versions that work like the shorter Senkos.




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