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River Isle Resort (Momence)

Mark O'Donnell

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Good question Mark.

I used to launch my boat there just about every Sunday for a few years, then came to realize it became a free launch when the state bought it.

Haven't been there in a few years, and everything was boarded up at the time.

There was a big push by the state to purchase land in that area, and they even approached a club I belong to that is right on the river- we turned them down.

These days, I'm not sure the state has any funds to actually make any purchases in that tract, or do anything with it if they did.

Would love to know the status on the properties they have acquired to date.

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Oh, alright.

It's sort of coming back to me now.

It may have been for the purpose of dumping and storing the sand being dredged from the river- which doesn't exactly have a full green light at the moment. I believe it might still be in the initial stages...though around $100K or thereabouts was approved to get it started last year.

Matter of fact, I'm most curious where that particular project is right now.

With all the politics behind the scenes in this watershed, it's anyone's guess what is going on.

There have been so many different start and stop measures instituted, we need a scorecard to follow it these days- or find all the meeting minutes on the internet. :P


I'm off to do just that.

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You can view the 2006 Kankakee County Management Plan through the following link.

Scroll to page 53, and the ISA is actually mentioned by name.

There is a ton of information to digest here, but the favored alternative for reducing sediment load seems to be voluntary participation for farmers, with coupons for seed and the like as incentives.

That would be as opposed to a plan that would require them to institute BMP's....in case you were wondering.


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