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Dry Cracked Knuckles?


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I'll probably get some grief for this but be kind. I assume most of us get the dry cracked knuckles come winter whether from fishing/hunting or working outside. I've tried a bunch of hand lotions including udder balm and nothing really works all that good.


My knuckles weren't horrible Friday night but they were cracked and red and irritated. The wife finally broke out her hot wax machine for the winter and I gave it whirl to see what would happen. I had done it before just to see what it was like. I did two rounds of wax Friday night which is basically dip a few times let it sit for 5-10 minutes peel and repeat. Woke up Saturday morning and my knuckles were in great shape. That's the quickest they ever healed! So if you have access to a hot wax give it try.


Alright I'm ready, bring on the jokes :lol:

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Zim's Crack Creme has been the best for me. Infinately better than anything else I've ever tried. It is like an oil, rather than a lotion. Zim's makes both but you want the liquid. Use it every day for a week, and you'll see a difference like you can't believe. It allows your skin to heal. The other stuff just seems to make things worse, for me.

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Yea I agree about some creams. I have purchased some good men's hand creams but they don't seem to work well. Vaseline before bed helps (ha) but I will try the Zim's oil.


Oil would seem to be a better solution

Gender specific hand lotions?Aveeno Lotion works pretty good for me when my hands get dry in winter.

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