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Flyfishing Lanyards


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if you are talking about the fly fishing one, they are very handy. I made my own from a boot lace, wood beads from a craft store and a few swivels. they go for 30-50 bucks. I made mine for about6-7 bucks. I'll try to get a pic of it posted.



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Making your own to save$ is a good idea.If you'd rather buy the Mayfly is a good one for about $30 and the one I have.I don't know why spin /baitcasters have never used them as they keep things needed in all kinds of fishing right at hand.While I do think they're overpriced like many things having to do with flyfishing,$100 flylines,$600 waders that will probably leak too,$500+ rod and reels etc,flyfishing is one of the few things I don't pinch pennies on.While I don't buy top of the line I don't bottom fish either especially when it comes to flylines & flyrods.Good rods can be had for under $200.

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Here are a couple of pics of the lanyard I made yesterday:








The clip at the very bottom of the lanyard is there to clip the lanyard to your shirt so as to stop the lanyard from leaning out when the angler is bending over.


Of course, those are snap swivels........four of them altogether


Those black cylindrical pieces towards the top are neoprene/foam. Those are there to hold a few flies and/or dry flies after use.


The top neck strap is made from the same material as the fly holders.


The whole strap is made of leather. The beads are just cheapies from Wal Mart.


I have another one in the works using a different material.


Loads of fun making these. Matter of fact, last night, my kids got a kick out of making their own lanyard.

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