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Some of my Latest Creations

Joe D

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I'm planning on going to the swap meet at Shabbona in November. This is a sample of some of the flies I will be selling.


This is a realistic golden stone fly:











This is my improved crawfish. This one has rubber silly legs for more action.



Size 8 helgies



I call these SureFloat Caddises because their wings are made of foam.



These are crawbugs that I nicknamed NBAs.. Nothin' But Action!



These are flashback stone flies.



Here's a pair of carp-teasers, but they work equally as well on smallies and probably a few other species.



This is just a bigger version of my helgies, they are size 4 with a little heavier lead eyes.









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thanks rich!! I wasnt sure if I could mention my website or not. so thanks for answering jeff's question. and thanks for all the kind words from everyone else.


somehow some of my flies made their way to a guy named Matt Straw in Minnesota. he is the senior editor of IN-FISHERMAN magazine. he contacted me about featuring some of my flies in the IN-FISHERMAN magazine. of coarse I was more than happy to be a part of that!! I have talked to him a few times and while nothing yet is written in stone, he said he had a idea for a article that would feature my work. I am really looking forward to it. I remember as a kid being excited to get in fisherman and watch it on tv. growing up with it , it is like the bible of fishing to me. so to possibley be a part of it is mind boggling to me.



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and I almost forgot..........looking forward to meeting alot of the guys from this site at the shabbona swap meet. see you all there.


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i will post more on the 2nd annual swap meet in shabbona soon. we will have a booth there, jonn graham wil be speaking , dan basore appraising old tackle . looking at 50-60 tables of gear and home made tackle[ warrior jigs and others ] it is sat nov 22 from 9-2pm. rich

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