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Jonn Graham

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I am looking for a 5 weight fly reel to go along with my new 5 weight rod. I would prefer a reel that is gold or silver in color. I cannot afford new right now, so if anyone has a nice shiney, used reel that they want to unload at a fair price, please let me know. I am not partial to any brand or type.




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First, there are those that will tell you that you don't need a drag. My answer is an uequivical....WHATEVER!! If you can afford it, get it. It CAN'T hurt. Even if you don't need it all of the time, you MIGHT need it sometime!! And, that's when you will appreciate it. How many guys fishing for smallies will hook into the occasional pike, or stiper? You will certainly appreciate it then!! That said...


A G Loomis Venture fly reel is $99, new. If anyone is letting go of one, they are a decent reel with a smooth drag. Sorry, I don't have one for sale myself.

Phlueger Trion & President reels go for $125-$170, and are good reels for the money too.

Then there is the Sciera XDP. I don't know a lot about this one, as it is realatively new. But, the spec look good, and it runs $139-$149.

Mostly, though....I would recommend the Cabela's SLA fly reels. VERY nice. VERY light. Voted by F & S 2006 Best of the Best!! Priced right, too at $90-$120 ON SALE NOW!! They are ordinarily $165-$195.

Cabela's SLA reel


CRAP!!!...now I've got to buy one...Thanks Jonn!!!

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That Cabelas reel looks mighty fine. Problem is the $$$ is a little tight right now at home due to my wife having her job eliminated. I was hoping to find an ISA member that had a used reel they did not use anymore and would like to unload it for a good price.



Hopefully somebody can help me out (hint hint). My five weight rod is looking for a companion.

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Since this is on the "For Sale" forum I guess I can blow my pie hole.


Let's see... Jonn has surgery on hos right hand and has taken up fly fishing... I see a sucker bet coming up.....


Jonn, how soon can we get out.....?

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