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Rich"s Frog

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The worm has turned into a frog :blink:19446.jpg




Have you even given any thought to putting the chenille on a bodkin secured in your vise and weaving with two different colors so you get green/brown on top and white on the bottom to look closer to the real thing?



You could use the same weaving techniques used in some of the weaved nymph patterns.


You might also consider cutting the foam on top to a length where you could just bury the hook point in the edge, making is weedless.



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Guest rich mc

its still a floater but sits very low and the legs hang down. i have never weaved a fly before. missed that when stuart did one . to keep it simple one could use white chenille and a marker to color it. rich

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Rich and Ron,


So you do not have to reinvent the wheel, here are my experiences with weaving Bohemian Chenille. First, Rich, don't feel bad because you missed Stuart's session. I was there and learned the hook weave. It turns out that this weave does not work well on our Bohemian Chenille.


But there's hope. The Tiger Weave does work. I used it on this fly.






Another site has good instructions on it. Here's their picture.




Good instructions are here. Note that the secret is to never let go of the ends of the chenille once you begin weaving. Maybe you can work it out from the instructions as I did. Or one of the Buggers' sessions will take it on.



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