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Where to find spring fish?


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I realized this spring that I have never really had the time to fish the creeks and rivers around my house during the spring and I have no idea where to find smallies during the spring. I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips for areas to look for to find spawing/spring smallies in creeks and rivers?

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According to biologists, stream smallmouth get a successful spawn off once every three to five years. Most guys on these boards are really not looking to fish spawning smallmouth.

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Spawning fish aren't really feeding , it's better to find non spawning fish that are feeding. Hit the current seams and breaks.

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I assure you that I realize the negative aspects of fishing bass off of their spawning beds and that spawning males are not feeding, but they are protecting and thus are very aggressive, and I am not one that likes to fish these males off their beds. I really just wanted to know 1) If they are spawning, generally where at? and 2)where people have had luck in the past fishing during the spring?

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I don't understand the question.

You don't intend to fish for them, but would like to know where they are.


Is that for the purpose of NOT targeting them?


All I can suggest is that Google is an amazing tool for learning about spawning bass, whether you do or do not want to catch them on the beds.


As for specific locations of spawning bass on IL rivers and streams, you won't find that here.

The internet is powerful to the point of providing information for years beyond an initial posting, thanks to search engine technologies.

I make a decent second income from these very search engine technologies, so don't ever let anyone tell you a simple posting on a fishing message board is irrelevant to the resource.


Are you in the Central Region?

Hook up with some of our other members from there, and I can almost guarantee they will put you on some quality fish......just ask!


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