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Lake Vermilion, MN Late June.

Scott Ferguson

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My wife Crystal & I spent a week in a rental cabin on Lake Vermilion at the end of June. I'm glad we finally got to upgrade from the place we usually get. Bigger size and now it's right on the water.




The only problem is that the camp was visited by bears a few times.






One of the sows had cubs and I got this picture of one of the cubs up a tree.




It's amazing how technology has spread even in remote areas. Even the wildlife are getting in on it.





The fishing was only so-so. A big mayfly hatch and warmer than usual water slowed what had been a pretty good bite. Most walleye fishermen including guides were getting skunked.

We caught a fair number of smallies and a some largemouth. Fewer than usual but the average size was pretty good.








I did see 6 muskies, almost all of them were just laying under docks, barely moving. One did follow my chatterbait back to the boat twice, but never really tried to bite it.


Next year before I go back I'm going to try and save my money so I can get a cabin with an indoor toilet. Those mosquitos can get pretty bad up there. ;)

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Great pictures Scott. I fished Lake Vermilliam a few times myself and it was a great lake for sure. I bet you were about the only one out fishing for Smallmouths.

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Although I've often had bears in the camps I've stayed in over the years, these bears were not exactly near my cabin. Just outside of the town of Orr MN, there is a place called the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary.

Many years ago, Vince Shute was a lumberjack who started feeding wild bears to keep them out of the lumberjack camps where they were shot for being a nuisance. Once he started feeding them away from the camps, they stopped being a nuisance. Wild bears are still being fed in the area and visitors are allowed to stand on a platform to watch. Most evenings, 20 to 30 wild bears will come within sight of the platform. It's a very interesting place.





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