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Outdoor Notebook Radio Show Tomorrow Morning

Dan Draz

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After we moved to Illinois, I was asked by Bob Maciulis whether I would be willing to do occasional radio interviews about the special father/son fishing trips I have with my son Quinn and to talk about the experiences we have learning our way around the fishing spots in the state. I have done two previous interviews lasting anywhere from 20 minutes to 40 minutes and am scheduled to be on the radio again tomorrow talking about a wide variety of issues. One of the things I am going to be plugging tomorrow when it comes up is ISA and the great work that we do, our event for next year, and ways that businesses can contribute to us. I am also likely going to talk about our recent trip to LaSalle, my first experience fishing for smallmouth in the area (I won't give away any spots and Bob doesn't want me to.. he understands our position on this) and what Quinn and I have going on in the next two months: two crappie outings, one trip for river cats, and two back to back days to fish with Jonn Graham which is a special after school trip for Quinn in June, and more days on the river fishing for smallies.


It's an early interview, I usually go on around 6:00AM and most of you will probably be sleeping but I wanted to let you know that it's a great opportunity for me to work in positive plugs for ISA and the great work that we do, if Bob chooses to steer the conversation in that direction. We talked this evening and I gave him a heads up that I want to try and go in that direction so hopefully it will depending on how much time we have. Once I was the only interview and one time I was half the show so it just depends on what else they have scheduled tomorrow.


But one more way for a volunteer to try and make a difference and promote our cause!


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Tell him I told you to say I taught you everything you know. He will get a laugh out of that.

Bob may spring for Dan's therapy if he tells him that.

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Lots of plugs for ISA this morning, the fishing, all the good things we do and a few solid mentions of Jonn's Camp Smallmouth. While talking about my experiences fishing with my son, Quinn, I also threw in a solid shout out to our newest celebrity, Jack Graham.... 4 year old fishing star that he is. Hearing stories like that, and hearing the pride in Jonn's voice when he told the story about it at the Riverside Fishing Club meeting this month just reiterates to me the importance of getting our kids out fishing with us when we can. Bob will have Jack's pictures in Outdoor Notebook next month, just as Quinn got three pictures of his Steelhead in there in this issue. Won't be too long before Jack is writing his own fishing column... might be written in "crayola" but it will be good nonetheless. The next interview I will be talking about more river fishing and will be out and about between now and then logging some river exploration time.

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