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What can you do at the local level?

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Here is a letter I sent to promote conservation efforts at the local level. If you have any comments I would appreciate your feedback. Maybe you have something to share or add.


Dear Mayor,


I’m not sure if you are aware of the budget cuts imposed this year for the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources. The IDNR was cut by 40%, because of this I’m writing to ask for your support. I simply would like Naperville to promote increased awareness towards pollution issues at the local level.


I know the boy scouts take part in neighborhood clean-ups; however, I feel more can be done. (Personally, I try to clean up debris and trash when I go fishing…I always carry a garbage bag with me.)


In recent years, there has been more effort to improve the water quality of the DuPage River.


  • Perhaps Naperville can publish in the local paper “clean-up week” for neighborhoods.
  • Maybe publicize clean-up events for the local Forest Preserves to increase awareness.
  • Maybe publish more articles in the paper about what citizens can do to improve the environment by purchasing environmental friendly products.
  • Maybe publish some articles about how polluted run-off water can affect the DuPage River.
  • Maybe Naperville can send out fliers to homes located along the DuPage River on how to prevent erosion along the river bank, since siltation is an ongoing problem.
  • Maybe local law enforcement can talk more to the public and to kids especially, about the effects of litter. Perhaps the city can meet with local law enforcement to instruct them to model for the public by picking up some trash now and then. The idea is to demonstrate positive efforts for the public and to promote awareness…not to promote police officers as garbage men.
  • Also I think it’s important that the public takes better precautions on garbage days that are windy…often recyclable materials are blown away into yards and streets.
  • This is also a concern of mine: there has been fish kills on the DuPage River on occasion, possibly by illegal dumping of chemicals or pollutants. The problem is difficult to locate because everything gets washed down stream. Naperville can show concern for their citizens by monitoring pollutants and oxygen levels of the DuPage River on a regular basis. Currently this has not been done in the past. But there are several drainage pipes which lead into the DuPage River that can be culprits of chemical pollutants.
  • Maybe Naperville can also promote phone numbers for citizens such as local law enforcement; DuPage County District 2 Illinois state police; 1-847-931-2405 or the Forest Preserve Police 1-630-933-7240.
  • I’m concerned about these issues mainly because I have seen improvements at the local level. I have had better experiences fishing in local areas. I just want to se the improvements continue.


Anyway, I feel that more can be done and I hope Naperville can become increasingly involved with conservation efforts due to the decreased funding at the State level.


I appreciate your time in reading this.



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After a quick glance, the only thing I would have done differently is leave out the "Maybe's and Perhap's" and made it more like a list of demands. There's no reason these things can't be done, and shouldn't have been done in the past. Keep up the good work, Jim. We need more members to get involved, and you're showing them just how easily it can be done!

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All of what you mentioned could very well be accomplished with Prairie Rivers Network literature. If they aren't doing it currently, they are perfectly suited to establish it.

Maybe we can partner with them on a cost-share and distribution basis.

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  • 2 months later...

I got a response from Warrenville but not Naperville. I'll be at the public hearing tonight in Warrenville.

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