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DuPage River, McDowell Dam

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I went to the DuPage River this a.m. just like I did last week to clean up some trash. I thought I would add some pics of the dam.


For all you guys down river...this is eventually going to come your way...


Is there anything that can be done to clean this up?


Every year debris gets caught into the dam and is eventually flushed down stream.



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Debris is always collecting behind that dam. I know the County comes by to clean it up every now and then, but I imagine a lot of it goes downstream when they're in the process. I'm not sure if it is avoidable due to the nature of the level fluctuations and incoming stormwater during flood events.

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As part of the cleanup of thorium on the West Branch, Tronox will be staring work on The McDowell Grove Dam this fall. The McDowell Grove dam is scheduled to be removed in the next couple of years after the cleanup is done along with the Warrenville Grove dam. There will be significant work done on the DuPage River in this area in the next couple of years as well. This work should eliminate the debris problem once and for all.

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