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Matzuo Prism Jig

Norm M

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I found a jig in a bargain bin that looked intriguing , so for the price I grabbed a few packs in different sizes . They are called Matzuo Prism jigs , head shaped liked a fish head , fancy , schmancy design with a recess behind to slide a soft plastic into . They look like something to fish with the thumper type large plastics Doug Stange has been talking up for the last few years . I have been using that type of plastic primarily with heavy darter type heads to get the most thump out of the tail until now .


I just wondering if anyone else had tried this style or if they made the bargain bin for good reason .

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They "look" great. Realistic fish-head looking colors.

Two types were available---regular and heavy metal (w/premium grade hooks).


They were a hot item when they first came out----but,

they died off after a couple years, and ended up in the dump bin.

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