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Scout swim jigs

Jonn Graham

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Yes, I said spring! Hopefully it will come though it seems like we are stuck in a sick Twilight Zone episode. I think I saw Rod Serling smoking a cigarette in my yard this morning. Not sure if it was him, but my dogs sure barked alot! Here are two new color patterns I came up with last night. I think both will really be winners:




The top jig is what I am calling "Bull" 'gill. It is supposed to represent a very colorful male bluegill during the spawning period. This jig is in addition to the standard bluegill pattern that I posted a few months ago. The bottom jig is simply called Threadfin Shad. As many of you know, threadfin Shad in the South are often called "yellow tails" due to their slight yellow appearance. I think both should work nicely. Below is a better picture of just the Threadfin Shad jig:






Comments/concerns/questions either positive or negative are greatly appreciated.

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Yeah,I've been seeing him as well----- "Submitted for your approval"................................... Sellin' these at the Blowout.................. GP

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Guest rich mc

look great . i have seen over the many years that thebig shiners i catch at shabbona [on a fly] have a blue hint to them. thats one reason why blue and silver rapalas have taken many fish there. time for a Shabbona shiner pattern . rich

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I know what you mean about stuck in a twilight zone. One of the guides that post on the web site down this way said he was out over the weekend and the water was 38.1 degrees and the warmest he could find was 39.1. This time last year it was 50 degrees and the Smallmouths were hitting Stick baits cranked down and left to rest then twitched.


Those Jigs look really good but I need them in 1/2 and 3/4 ounce for this deep old lake. That Bluegill one may catch a few and that Shad one sure enough would.


Here is the site I frequent down here. Illinois should have information like this. Note the Table Rock Lake forum and the article Table Rock Bass Smallmouth Spring Primer. Also at the top of the page click on the picture and see the articles from this months e-mail. www.ozarkanglers.com/ Enjoy life Spring is just around the corner. I know cause I will be on Lake Fork the 14th and 15th of March and Lake Grenada at the end of March or beginning of April for Monster Crappie's and Pickwick Lake at the end of April for some fun and Smallmouth chasing.

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Thanks for the comments.




I will work on a Shabbona Shiner tonite and post a picture tomorrow morning!




We can make the jigs in 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 oz as of right now. If you would like some, just PM me.


Jim Kast and others:


I would prefer not to sell them at the blowout. The blowout is an event for you to blow all your money on the club. Because of this, I would like you to order as many as you want and I will make them and ship them to you. If you want to see some samples at the blowout, I will have them there. In addition, there will be at least one Warrior Jigs "Scout" pack that will contain six swim jigs and trailers. This will be on the table as a raffle prize. As Jim said, stuff the box!!! Anyone truly interested in buying some should place their order NOW! When spring breaks, I plan to be on the river quite a bit. Order now and you will receive your jigs relatively quickly..............wait another month or so, and your wait time may be longer.




$3.50 each

3 for $10

$37 per dozen

Add about three dollars for shipping

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