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Last night the Jo Daviess County Board voted 11-5 against the Mega dairy. It's non-binding, but hopefully a better than two-thirds vote will carry some weight. Next up is the Illinois Dept. of Agriculture, which will be presented with the Board's recommendation and make a final decision. I'm not sure when that will be, but I'll keep you posted. Thanks to all!

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Thanks much, Jude!



I'm working on getting the minutes from the most recent meeting and will post when I do.


We've only managed to get over the first hurdle, which is very minor compared to what looms ahead.

Governor Blagojevich needs to be INUNDATED with opposition if we even stand a chance at defeating this project.

The Dept. of Agriculture is likely to rubber stamp this unless our Governor puts major heat on them.


More info.....


Big victory, 11 votes to 5 against giving Illinois Dept of Ag a thumbs up on A.J. Bos Proposal site North and site South.

Also special meeting by Development and Planning Committee prior to regular board meeting. There they had 3 experts,

Lester Johnson Soil and water,Letter from David Larson Hydrology,and Samuel Pannol Geologist (Mr. Karst), Chris Haring Geologist Rock Island Corp of Engineer, Mr. Weidel Geologist from Champaign. All Three scientists stated according to Illinois

Dept. of Ag definition of karst, that Traditions North, and South were karst area. Huge.

Anyway thanks guys. Its a battle won. One More to go !

Fill You in later.

George McPhillips



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Get a load of this from the meeting:

Speaking to the board in favor of the proposed dairy were Nic Anderson of the Illinois Livestock Development Group, Jo Daviess County Farm Bureau President Nick Tranel, area farmer Joe Borsdorf, and former State Representative and dairyman I. Ron Lawfer.


Lawfer warned the board of a 43 percent decline in the number of dairy cows in Jo Daviess County in just ten years.


"If this is to continue, the spotted cow will become the endangered species of Jo Daviess County," Lawfer said. "It will mean the end of the dairy industry in Jo Daviess County as we know it. Gone would be the farmers and along with them would go the processing plants, the equipment dealers, and qualified veterinarians. All of those support people are needed so that our existing dairy farmers could continue to grow crops and produce milk to provide for the economic well being of Jo Daviess County and our future generations."


Don't believe for one second we are speaking of losing farmers here.

Quite the contrary.

This would be a FACTORY, with little semblance of "farming" in the least.

The monies that would go back into the local economy are minuscule, with most of it not even statutory obligations on the part of the corporation.

They will use veterinarians from wherever they choose, and purchase equipment from whomever they please.


In my opinion, the answers given by the would-be CAFO corporation are very easily torn down, as there is little substance and a whole lot of conjecture and grasping at straws.

If our Dept. of Ag actually buys into all this garbage, it says little for their credibility as well.

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I agree, Mike. That argument is ridiculous! The exact opposite will happen: the local dairy farmers will be S.O.L.


"...the spotted cow will become the endangered species of Jo Daviess County." I'd say that was a snide shot at those good fer nothin' tree huggin' environmentalists.

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I don't know how anybody could buy the argument that a corporate farm could possibly help family farmers. Count me in on any future actions on this front. I'm sending my letters off to Blago, my reps and the DoA this week.



Thanks for jumping in, Josh. BTW...I enjoyed working with you at the Fly Show. It's always nice to put a faces with people I know through this site.

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