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Latest swim jig creations

Jonn Graham

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I have not been able to fish for three straight weekends due to the weather. Because of this I have been tying jigs like a madman. Thought I might share a few of my newest patterns.






this is my version of the stream Rock Bass. I have Rockies in many of my streams, and have watched smallies actively chasing them down for dinner.

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Last but not least, is my Crappie swim jig. I have crappie in my local flows. Don't know how many smallies actively forage on them, but you never know. Sure makes a cool jig though.







Well there they are. I have come up with a list of my standard colors:



Silver Shad



Rock Bass

Blue gill

Green Sunny

Class Clown

Purple Passion

Clifford's Craw


Those are the standard patterns, but I am willing to custom make any combo.

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:lol: I have visions of Jonn looking out the window and cursing the weather, then bolting down the basement stairs frantically coming up with new swim jig patterns. As long as this weather keeps up, we'll be treated to more of these amazing creations. Keep up the good work, Jonn.


BTW, I really like the rock bass and shad patterns! shhhh :ph34r:

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Could you do a "compare and contrast" for your swim jig and your warrior jigs?


The warrior jigs landed some big fish including two 20" fish on my home river that I know of this spring. I got away from them during the year, but I'm planning to start off again in the spring with that slow, bottom-bumping as soon as we get a couple of days with peaks over 15C.


Are you still making warrior jigs and how do these compare?

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Jonn ,


Sorry , I haven't had much time to get on line the last couple days , been using all my free time catching smallies in high cold muddy water .


That Silver Shad is perfect , it will work well with a white or pearl plastic trailer .


Jim , this my my Christmas present to me , after all I haven't been too naughty but that fat guy in the red suit only leaves me the bills .

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Yes, I am still making all the jigs that you have been using. The swim jig (which I call the "Scout") is just a new jig in the Warrior Jigs lineup.


The jigs that you used I believe were my "feather-fall" jigs, which were a combination of deer hair and starflash silicone skirting. They require a trailer and are fished on or near the bottom fairly slowly. Of course the fnf jigs are fished under a float, and the Ouchigon jig is basically a downsized, finesse version of the feather-fall without the hair.


Now, the swim jig is different. You do add some type of action trailer, but these jigs are mainly used to cover water quickly. You are working these jigs normally in the mid water column. You are reeling them fairly quickly and looking for those active smallies. I just started fishing them last summer/fall and my results were amazing. Great numbers and some real nice fish. When they hit a swim jig, you know it!!


I think next warm water season, the swim jig will be a big part of my daily arsenal. I can't wait to put the swim jigs in the hands of my 2008 clients. should be a real test.


Hope this explains your question.

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