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Started reading this book a few years ago after seeing it in In-Fisherman.


As I get to the end of a 550 page book low and behold, he mentions the Smallmouth Alliance. On page 486 as he's talking about smallmouth in streams he says "and new angler organizations like The Smallmouth Alliance which urges good stewardship in smallmouth management"






Editorial Reviews

The Charlotte [NC] Observer

...the definitive book about the natural history, chemistry, plumbing and ecology of the free-flowing river...telling how rivers work.


River Management Society News

Tom Waters's...Wildstream...should delight both the fisherman and the scientist...his new book will inspire anyone's river voyage.


Trout Unlimited Minnesota

Tom brings his love for flowing water and the outdoors into a wonderful blend of technical information,...science, and advocacy.


Book Description

Wildstream is a definitive treatment of the ecology of streams and rivers. It covers river dynamics, life processes underwater, the crucial linkage between streams and the land, and life histories of stream organisms from bacteria to aquatic insects and many species of fish. Although Wildstream covers the fundamentals of river science, it is written in an informal style for students, anglers, paddlers, related professionals, and all who love rivers.


About the Author

Thomas F. Waters received his professional education at Michigan State University, receiving his doctorate in 1957 in limnology and fisheries. After a research position with the Michigan Conservation Department, he joined the faculty of the University of Minnesota, serving thirty-three years in education and research in stream ecology and fisheries. He has received many awards and is internationally known. He remains a strong advocate for the protection of rivers.

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Jim, I noticed at Bass Pro in Bolingbrook they display huge logos of conservation groups on the wall above the exit doors. They have Ducks Unlimited, The Conservation Fund, Issack Walton, etc. Is there any chance of getting an ISA sign up there?

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