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Spot or Not? Part Deux

Mike G

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Tim Smith's excellent challenge gave me a swelled head since I tied with Jamie for the most right.


I got my proper comeupance when I realized that the only mounted Bigmouth I had was clearly not a Bigmouth.


Here he is:




What say ye one?


What say ye all?


What is Bigmouth Billy? Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spot, Guadalupe, or Shoal Bass?

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I do believe that is a Chinese subspecies, Mike. As juveniles, they're normally found at large discount stores and then later shift their habitat use to garage sales and still later to landfills and the walls of confirmed bachelors (or those who soon will be).


Thanks, Tim.


As I bury this guy I will sing:


Take me to the River


Don't Worry be Happy


He's a Fad Bass.



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