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Craig Riendeau Demonstrates "The Eggo" Fly at Dupage Fly Fishing April 27th 11:00 AM

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ISA Fly Tying Event

Learn to tie the fly fisherman’s version of the Ned Rig

“The Eggo”
With Craig Riendeau

Come and join us on Saturday April 27 th at the DuPage Fly Fishing Company at
11:00am. It’s located at 1512 N Naper Blvd #136, Naperville. Craig Riendeau will
demonstrate how to tie his new pattern, the Eggo, the fly fisherman’s Ned rig.
This will be a demonstration and tie along. All materials will be provided. Please bring
your own vise and tying tools. This pattern is definitely outside the box when it comes to
techniques to create this fly. Be prepared to have an open mind and learn some new
ways to tie that even the most seasoned tying veteran has not seen yet. Hard to tie?
No. Different? Yes. Great opportunity to learn something new to become a more
complete tier, because the only boundaries in fly tying is a failure of imagination.
There are a few tools needed that may not be in your usual tying box. It will help to have
but we can share if you do not have these. A small pair of side cutter plyers, a bodkin,
Super Glue Gel, UV glue and blue light, a cigarette lighter and a chef’s torch. Yes, let
your imagination run wild, this will be fun! Survivors will be treated to lunch.

The Eggo.jpg


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 i fished with craig today at some private ponds.  i believe craig landed over 100 bass on his eggo fly!  he is making up material packs for each tyer so make sure to let him know if your coming .  

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First of all thank you John for setting up this tying class and the great lunch, really good pizza, thank you. 
Thank you Craig for assembling the kits and providing the instruction for tying today. Thank you for all the added guidance, the fishing tips, and the wealth of knowledge that you passed on to us today. 
Those that didn’t make it today missed out on a great tying experience. 
Just like the last tying class that Rich did, the techniques, materials, and guidance are invaluable to a new tier and new fly fisherman like me. 
Thank you Craig and thank you Rich for these classes. 

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My son and I learned a new way to add movement to our flies using the materials and techniques Craig showed the group.  
So Big thanks to Craig for the Demo!

And to Rich for the Sheep skins and sheet of silk material too

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