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redneck tying

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i didnt have a list of items used at the tying session. ill post them here.

hooks 90 degree  black nickel victory brand from do it molds.com #11149,   90 degree daiichi #4660 bronze from dupage fly.   eagle claw 413 tinned 60degree from do it molds

material:  eyelash yarn from Premier Yarns.com     17 colors,208 yards per skein,3.99.  also  a short sparkly chenille called pixie dust. used as a body to bulk out satin material.

we also talked about small jigheads,  i get mine from chuck and debs.com  

 a tool i made for furling the yarn  is a pencil or dowel rod4-5inches long with a spring clip at the end . i helps with twisting the yarn 30 times . also a velcro patch on a stick.

 with using satin. buy at craft store   it gets cut off a bolt of fabric. normally you have to buy a minimum of a foot length, but its 52inch wide  for about 2bucks    in drier winter months run it over a dryer sheet to remove static.  then cut into squares of 2,3 or 4 inches .  cut so the woven fabric is square , then pull out the strand 5 at a time.


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