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Northern IL Hunting and Fishing Days 2007

Mike Clifford

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September 22-23 are the dates this year for the ISA Kids Casting event to be staged at Northern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days.

The event runs from 9am to 5pm each day.

This free family-fun event serves to unite young and old alike in the education and sharing with other like-minded individuals, the knowledge, safety skills, and experiences gained through hunting and fishing. Sharing the experiences that make our sporting way of life a special privilege is quite possibly the most important thing we can do. Seeing to it that others understand our history and our role as conservationists is the only sure way that what hunters and anglers have fought for over 100 years will continue to be in good hands.



Please contact Rich McElligott or post a reply here in this thread.


We have upgraded the Casting Kit this year with brand new rod and reel combos, so come out and help us break them in!



Rich's Email:







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i have had only a few anglers call me about saturday. i would like to see at least 5 people there at all times.the booth [ banner] wil be at the casting area not in the tent. we are not doing the video machine this year. this is a fun time, its free bring teh family to walk around rich

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I can't make it Sunday with the Grandson's birthday and all, but I'll see you bright and early on Saturday!


My guaranteed boater from last year will be at the Hawg Trough tomorrow demonstrating Brovarney Swim Jigs. He said he'll be there from about noon till 3pm. Not sure what time his presentation is.

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