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ISA Becomes an Affiliate Member of Fly Fishers International


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The Illinois Smallmouth Alliance board is pleased to announce that the ISA has become an affiliate member of Fly Fishers International. The primary reason why the ISA board decided to do this is that being a member enables the ISA to reduce liability insurance costs by almost 70 percent.  There are other benefits of becoming a member of Fly Fisher’s International.

According the FFI’s web site “The mission of Fly Fishers International is to foster the legacy of fly fishing for all fish in all waters through conservation, education, and inspiring a growing community of fly fishers.”  We feel that the mission of the FFI fits very well with the goals of the ISA.  ISA members include many fly fishermen and being a member of the FFI could help the ISA to increase our membership.

In joining the Fly Fishers International, the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance will be in the Upper Midwest Council of the Fly Fishers International.  Leadership of the Upper Midwest Council have already reached out to us to figure out they can collaborate with the ISA.  We will keep you updated as things progress.

We urge you to learn about Fly Fishers International and the Midwest Council by checking out their web sites.

Fly Fishers International

Upper Midwest Council of FFI

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