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Fish of Another Color

Dan Draz

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So, a couple smallie pictures hit my inbox this morning (thanks to my friend Keith who always finds the obscure angling stories!).

Given the Internet, don't know if it was caught two days ago or two years ago... (apologies if everyone's already seen these - I hadn't) but the catch came from the Muskegon River out of Newaygo and I saw the same pics on the guys FB page.

We've made 30 trips over there since 2006 fishing with Jon Kolehouse of Riversbend Guide Service but we're targeting Spring and Fall run Steelhead and I've never drifted that river for smallies although Jon does.

Pigment condition is called Xanthochromism and there are quite a few pics on the net of people catching fish with this condition.

My claim to fame in the pigment challenged fish catching arena is an "Albino Catfish" that I caught many moons ago in a SoCal lake - it was all white with red eyes. Pretty freaky! I have a pic somewhere (actual film - remember that? - when I find it someday I'll post it).

What's your weird fish story?

Tight lines,


Orange Fish1.jpg

Orange Fish2.jpg

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