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ned rig style flies

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ive been having great success with a ned style fly this month   basically by adding a dumbell to the inside of a 90 degree hook and tie on the fly of choice .  original fly i had them on the outsideof the upright shank but they caught too many weeds.   depending on the material and size of dumbell it can also be cast with spinning gear. they can be made for about 20 cents compared to buying the mushroom head jigs for over a buck each. my best fly is black with chart yellow eyes  body is furled chenille trimmed to a tail taper..  for a minnow i use furled faux rabbit yarn, and also satin or marabou for the tail and chenille to build some body girth and more satin for upper and lower wings. .  i plan on having some at the summer blowout for a raffle prize.  larger ones for spinning gear and smaller ones for our fly guys. 

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