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My brush with greatness

Scott Ferguson

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Yesterday my wife and I attended an outdoor concert "Rockin' the Troops" put on by "Operation Support Our Troops" which was headlined by Gary Sinise (CSI New York, Forest Gump) and his Lt. Dan Band, and comedian, Dennis Miller. Because my wife Crystal put together the program for the event as a donation, we were given VIP tickets and backstage passes where we got to meet (very briefly) Gary Sinise and Dennis Miller.


My wife Crystal and Gary Sinise




During the soundcheck, I was allowed on the stage where I took pictures.





Dennis Miller had just come from the Cubs game where he sang Take Me Out to the Ballgame. He was running late, stood backstage for a couple of minutes, and did about a 10 minute, very funny set. After, he signed a few autographs and left pretty quickly.


Both Gary and Dennis donated their time to a worthy cause. I was told nearly $150,000 was raised to help armed forces veterans and their families. Thanks to Mother Nature, and the cancelling of the planting on the Fox River, I was able to attend.

Also at the show was Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Sammy Davis (no, not that one). Something interesting here is that in the movie Forest Gump, where Gary Sinise played Lt Dan, There is footage of Tom Hanks getting the Congessional Medal of Honor from Lyndon Johnson. The original footage used in the movie was actually Sammy Davis getting the medal with Tom Hank's head used instead.

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