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swimming senkos

Guest rich mc

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they are decent. when i say that, i mean they will catch fish. i am not patient enuff to fish senkos half the time, so ill stick with a tube for fatty smallies.

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I have been using the swimming senko. I like them when it is hard to fish slow enough to weightless fish a regular senko. You can kind of retrieve them like a crank when the wind is blowing you around etc.. With a weighted head they dive straight down with the tail flappin like crazy.


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I've had great success, on a recent trip in Michigan, fishing the Swimmin Senko's, (fished weightless), targeting SMB.

Also caught LOTS of LMB, in the 2.5 to 5lb range.

Some BIG LMB were near the smallies.


The tail's vibrating action seems to really get the fishes attention.


TIP---shortening the 5" lure to 4", was more productive---(I caught more fish on the shortened version).

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