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North Carolina here i come,check these fish out!

Kevin Dells

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So i called Gary Lange on sunday and we were talking fishing in the southland. Gary graciously sent me a few links to start my searching and came across this message board of guys from Georgia and North Carolina.

I gotta say after purusing these boards and seeing the pictures i am so stoked to be heading down, i think their smallie rivers are better than ours and were in an area that is suppossed to house more smallies that the south.


They also have a bass they call a Shoalie,first i have ever seen one but man are these things beautiful.

The pics are of BasserDrew he runs the message boards.


The second pic is of a 4 pound ten ounce smallie and the first pic is a 5+ pound Shoalie,check out the stripes on the shoalie! Incredible!


They run class 2& 3 rivers on sit on top kayaks and fish the sweet spots in the mountains,how great is that!

Can you imagine fighting fish this big in a river moving that fast on unltralight gear!


Momma,wheres my bags!

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Mr Dells, long time no hear. I hope you still remember me, Craig Riendeau, former fly fishing director of the ISA. Just got reestablished on the ISA site and I see you're heading south too. The postings that you are seeing from Basserdrew and the Georgia River Fishing website are the guys I now fish with. These shoalbass are only here in Georgia and parts of Alabama and Florida. They're every bit as nasty as a smallmouth but they just average bigger. Plus the season never ends! Also the area where Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas all come together has smallmouth fishing that blows away anything in Illinois. Your fishing has just gotten better my friend. Drop me a line when you get down this way at driftsouth@bellsouth.net.

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SAAAAAWEET colors on the shoalie! those shoalies kinda look like some of the smallies i've caught in powerton. what exactly is the difference?

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Jim Jozwiak im Jealous but soon won't be! The French Broad i have heard great things about and Asheville is only an hour and a half if even that so you can bet i will be there often.


Did your go to baits produce down that way or am i going to need a trip to Gander when i get there for that special down south bait? Any pics there guy?

Im actually wondering if you used the Asheville guide service which i might just do to learn spots and techniques a little faster.

C"mon Jim clue me in a little. How did you do?


How bad is the snake situation down there did you run into any Copperheards or Cottonmouths, i like snakes when somebody hands them to me and their not poisinous but those are some serious snakes!


Craig of course i remember you!! Jeez you haven't been gone that long! I am so going to take you up on that offer,i will drive out for a weekend for sure just let me get settled in and im there!


Georgia is not that far,it will be like a trip to wisconsin for me with incredible schenery.


Actually just stopped out and talked with my brother he's heading out to the Smokey's for some backpacking in August,looking over the trail maps just got my blood pumping!



Dana im not sure of the difference except Shoalies like Craig stated grow bigger and they have huge eyes!

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Nice, fat, beautiful, fish. Pictures ruined by holding them 3 feet from chest.


Second, I doubt they are using ultralight equipment. That's the last thing you'd want to bring and land fish like that in swift water and kayak. You'd lose many for every one you caught.

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