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Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Todd Fullhart

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With all the run off around here this may be a better choice. Scott's is making a organic lawn food for a good price $15 for #4,000 sq ft at HD & Lowes. I am not a chemist but this may be a better way to feed your lawn then chemicals.




Not a chemist either, but willing to advance the topic till one comes along, I will say this. Lawn and garden fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. The bags tell you the percentages like 20-5-5. (In this case the other 70% would be filler.) Whether these are organic or not, they enter the runoff and fertilize the pond, lake, or river giving us excessive green bloom, algae, and weeds. From that point of view, a fertilizer is bad regardless of whether it is "organic" or not. (Or it may be good in the rare instance where the body of water is infertile and needs a boost.)


Worse offenders in lawn and garden applications are pesticides and weed killers. When these enter the runoff, they kill micro-organisms at the bottom of the food chain-diminishing the whole chain.


My opinion, then, is that organic fertilizer has the same effect as inorganic in the runoff scenario. The way it is produced may have a "green" advantage. I would like to see what it is. Maybe a chemist can tell us.

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I'm looking out at my way-too-freakin'-big garden right now, also knowing I need to get off the computer and mow the lawn.

Did somebody say fertilizer?


I'm calling for boulders.

Big ones and lots of them.

Lawns are somebody's cruel idea of a joke.


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