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viewing pictures


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Question,how do you view the pictures when they are posted using so

many pixels?When I click on the picture I can only see about a third of

the picture.I'm able to scroll down but not side to side.On most sites

posted pictures have to be reduced to 640X480


With a picture of this size

I can view it with a simple click

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Good point Bill. 480 X 640 (vertical shot) or 640 X 480 (horizontal shot)


I believe 72 DPI is also the good for posting pics on the web.


I try to reduce my pics but sometimes I forget :huh:


tinypic.com is a good photo hosting site.

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That's one of the drawbacks to high resolution cameras. A picture that is 4 X 6 at 300 dpi is over 16 X 25 at 72 dpi. That's bigger than the monitors most of us use. If you don't have a good photo editing program like Photoshop Elements to adjust the size, than I'd suggest using Tinypic.com for the photos like Don said. Very simple to use.

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