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Landing Nets for Wading


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I am looking into getting a new landing net.  I see several options for overall lengths and also attachments to wader options.   I am curious in general if you carry a net while wading or just manage without a net?  Personally, I feel I am more efficient in catching and releasing the fish with a net as a tool in the process.  

If you do carry a net, what is a good overall net length for wading?  Also, do you find a retractor system or magnetic clip system works better to attach the net to your waders?  

Here are some size options from the Orvis website that I am contemplating.  I am leaning towards the mid length, but maybe the hand net length would be better for wading as it is less bulky?:

  • Hand Net is 25½"L, weighs .63 lbs. head is 8½"W x 17"L, bag depth is 11". 
  • Mid-Length Net is 37"L, weighs .88 lbs., head is 13"W x 18"L, bag depth is 12". 
  • Guide Net is 55"L, weighs 1.6 lbs., head is 16"W x 24¾"L, bag depth is 14".
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Jay, I use a spring loaded clip that attaches to a d ring on the back of my vest. You attach a split ring to a convenient spot on the net. Once you insert the split ring (keychain size)into the clip it pulls out with a tug. The magnet ones I have tried pull off too easy.  Since I also shore fish, varying degrees of distance from the water, I sometimes need a long handled net. Last year I bought an EGO S2 Slider net. This net system has interchangeable handles that are a variety of lengths so you can use the same bag with different handles. I have one that double retracts from 27 inches to six feet. They also have one that goes from 18" to 36" if I remember correctly. the nice thing is that you can pull it off the clip, and extend it with one hand while fighting a fish. They are a bit heavy, but it has performed well for me.

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Not a big believer in nets.. IMHO it takes too much slime off the fish, and not the best for any fish. I have lost a few big beautiful fish, but as I get older and my wife a long time ago asked me how many fish pictures do I really need , I have opted for fair combat. If I can't lip em, or in the case of pike and Muskie grab the behind the head(THEY DO HAVE TEETH) Well they win. After awhile being out and meeting the bruiser is enough for Me!  I do know that some nets are easier on the protective slime ...I suggest one of those <:)

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