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  1. I am looking into getting a new landing net. I see several options for overall lengths and also attachments to wader options. I am curious in general if you carry a net while wading or just manage without a net? Personally, I feel I am more efficient in catching and releasing the fish with a net as a tool in the process. If you do carry a net, what is a good overall net length for wading? Also, do you find a retractor system or magnetic clip system works better to attach the net to your waders? Here are some size options from the Orvis website that I am contemplating. I am leaning towards the mid length, but maybe the hand net length would be better for wading as it is less bulky?: Hand Net is 25½"L, weighs .63 lbs. head is 8½"W x 17"L, bag depth is 11". Mid-Length Net is 37"L, weighs .88 lbs., head is 13"W x 18"L, bag depth is 12". Guide Net is 55"L, weighs 1.6 lbs., head is 16"W x 24¾"L, bag depth is 14".
  2. Sounds great, I have tried throwing Rapala DT 4 crank baits recently, but with the rivers running fairly fast I am finding that throwing a tube up stream and jigging on and off the bottom as the current pulls the tube down stream is a better technique for higher water levels.
  3. I find myself casting as I am slowly walking along so I am mostly looking for a staff to provide support when walking in fast current. Currently, I think I am going to hold off for now on getting a staff.
  4. Does this link work OK to view 2 fish photos? https://imgur.com/a/q5fieR1
  5. Appreciate the replies. In regards to the photos, I understand that it is a cost factor which is understandable to fit budgets. Thanks for explaining that and I will try to learn how to attach photos with a link as mentioned above.
  6. Really appreciate the replies. This is helpful information. Sounds like it is one of those tools that fits some fishermen and others not so much so a person just has to try it themselves to see if it is a good fit. When I see hikers use staffs it seems they always use two. I am curious if waders always just use one or if they sometimes use two with one in each hand with their pole attached to themselves somehow? I am thinking about the added benefit of just pushing through the water in addition to the stability with two, but on the other hand, sometimes you can have to many gadgets/gear and it can weigh you down and get in the way. Thank you, Jay
  7. I have recently been researching wading staffs and am particularly interested in Simms models, but I am open to other brands. I am curious if you use a wading staff regularly and what your thoughts are with your experience using a wading staff? I have never used one before and I am starting to think maybe it would be a good tool to add to my wading arsenal. Thanks, Jay
  8. I was going to post a picture of a recent smallmouth caught with a DT4, but the size limit on this forum is quite restrictive. I am active on several other hobby forums and I have never had an issue posting photos as the sites make posting unrestrictive and user friendly which I feel is great for members. I am not sure the logic behind the restrictions? I feel high quality pictures would be a definite plus to show off fish and scenery details that members would genuinely appreciate. Posting pictures should be a simple unrestrictive process as it encourages participation on a forum. Thanks again for the informative comments.
  9. When fishing in faster waters I have been throwing tubes upstream and letting the current pull the bait downstream as I jig it on and off the bottom. I have had some decent luck fishing this method. I throw crankbaits when the water levels are down and the rivers are calmer.
  10. Thank you for all the replies. I will try some square bill crank baits also as suggested. I am learning as I go so thanks. I look forward to the weather warming up this year and catching smallmouths.
  11. I am fairly new to smallmouth fishing as they were not in the rivers or lakes where I grew up, but since living in northern IL I have been really excited about catching them. I have been fishing for them for a few years now, but I am still learning effective methods for consistent success. My initial setup for smallmouth was using tubes and I often resort to tubes now. However, I really enjoy throwing Rapala countdowns and Rapala DT-4s and DT-6s. I have had fairly good success throwing DT-4s and DT-6s when I can get the lure to dive into the bottom around rocks and even bounce off the rocks. I understand that not all river systems this would be ideal as the bottom contains moss, weeds, or too many snags. This year I plan to introduce my go to large mouth crank bait, the Rapala countdown alongside the DT-4 and DT-6. I am curious what crankbaits others have had success with for smallmouths and what colors seem to work well. I have always had excellent success for largemouths with white countdowns. I plan to throw white and and some other countdown colors this year including some more nature colors in clearer water conditions. For DT-4s and DT-6 I have used mainly crawfish colored lures. I do have a couple white DT-4s that I plan to throw this year for the first time. I use a typical medium spinning setup with Shimano reels and G-Loomis or ST Croix rods. Thanks, Jay
  12. It was great to meet everyone at breakfast. This was my first event to attend. It was a great experience! I enjoy reading the ISA magazine. I hope to attend more events. Thank you very much to everyone at the event and especially to Terry who fished with Tom and I.
  13. I will be attending in addition to one guest fly fisherman. I plan to spinner fish. We will both be wading. We will be at the Cherry Valley Cafe at 7am. Thanks! Jay
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