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What I Have Been Using This Spring

Frank Briggs

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I have been getting out on my small  water areas this spring.  I am able to walk in to a fair amount of spots but hope to be out on the kayak this week. I thought I would share what I have been throwing with some success.   Baits of choice have been the Ned Rig  and hairjigs . In the photo are 4 of the most productive  ones. A is the Ned Rig in Greenpumkin Goby with a chartreuse head  1/15 th oz.  B is a hairjig that my friend Jimmy  makes for me in a custom color to match the Greenpumkin Goby combination  Ned Rig jig is 3/32nd oz.  C is Fur Tail jig using coyote hair also tied by my friend Jimmy again jig is 3/32nd oz. And D is another Fur Tail jig using Raccoon hair and also 3/32 nd oz.  Technique I use is throw up stream and let the current do all the work. I just try to keep slack out of line as most takes are very soft and usually just feel weight. Getting out fishing can be good for the body and mind just be safe!


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Chris no not really. I am using  very light jigs. The hair jigs are 1/16 th ond 3/32 nd and using 1/15 th with the Ned Rig. I am fishing current and with the light jigs heads and keeping my rod up high with some very easy rod twitches  the jigs skips  along pretty well.  It is a technique that takes some practice and you need to pay attention.  Paying attention is very important  with the colder water temps  now takes are very light and usually just notice weight on the line . Any questions just let me know  and I do my best to answer them.


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