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Shimano NASCI


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12 hours ago, Philf said:

Does anybody have experience with these reels I just purchased one. I continue to burn through Reels as usual. I’ll keep you posted. 

What are you doing to tear up up those reels?

No personal experience but most reviews I've read on boards have been very very positive.

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Seems like I spend a lot of time fishing underwater the water. This shimano reel has seals On each side of the handle and a seal by the rotor. There’s also no anti-reverse switch so one less place for water to get in. I’ll probably tear it  up this is why we can’t have nice things. 

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This is the only reel I have found to be next to indestructible. Daiwa has been making them since the 80's. They used to be made in japan.  the ones have are.  Now they are made somewhere else.  I don't know if they are any worse.

They never bind up from taking dunking.  The drag is really smooth.


The trade-off is, by today's standards they are pretty clunky right out of the box.



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