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Fox open

k olson

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Where are all the kayak fishermen ??   This Sunday is the Fox Open tourney and it is lacking sign ups.  I know what your thinking Eric probably has it wrapped up but he cant win them all and is going to have an off day sometime this century.  Bart, Mark, Jim J, Paul T, John G.?????  Eric posted a link to sign up in his last post, Rockton is giving away a Nucanoe Flint series Kayak is they hit 15 sign ups, everyone is eligible to win this just by signing up, 1000$ value.  Get signed up so they don't cancel, I want a shot at the title !!!

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I know I've been asked to participate in tournaments in the past. People that have fished with me tell me I have the focus and dive to be competitive. I did some soul searching and I feel that fishing competitively is not for me. I have nothing against these tournaments or the people who participate for me. I like the catch, photo, release element of these kayak tournaments and wish other bass tournaments used this format versus put a bass in a livewell all day, bounce it around a lake and then weight them in and release them all in 1 spot. 

For me fishing plays an important balancing part in my life. After 20+ years in outside sales, I get to scratch my competitive itch 5 days a weeks. Fishing is my escape from people, technology, and competition and I don't want that to change,

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