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Professor Higbee's Stream & Lake Maps

Michael Gillig

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So I started a search for a lake cabin up 'der in Wisconsin. Grew up in Minnesota so I really didn't have any idea just where all the lakes were in WI. Messed with Google Earth, got tired of zooming, got WI state HWY maps, they show roads and towns, missing my lakes.


Tried and tried to google lake maps, the realtor's have hijacked this search ;) Eventually I decided to just drill down in my searches. About page 15 I found Professor Higbee's Stream & Lake Maps.


Ordered up a 4'x4' laminated copy, maybe $40. It's detailed and beautiful. if my wife didn't have veto power it'd be hanging on the living room wall. Simple truth is that one map saved me a year of poking around in WI to figure out where to go. Still has HWY's and county lines but they are pushed into the background to highlight the lakes.


So I contacted the published, asked to get a copy of the two counties I am interested. He says just as soon as his new printer is up and running that will be easy as pie.


They do Illinois. Wisconsin and a scattering of other states (Minnesota is coming), heck, if you want a wall size map they'll even churn on of those out. On the laminated version they put a couple of grommets in to make hanging easy. You can use those non-permanent type markers and write on it to your hearts content.


If anyone is interested here's the link (and, no, I'm not affiliated with the map making industry)





Michael G


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Long as I'm posting today.....


Found another map site I'll share. University of Wisconsin (Madison) put together a zoomable, searchable map of WI lakes as well. Focus on this one is lake clarity.


Don't want to end up living on a catfish lake when I'm fishing for Smallmouth.




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I use the Sportsman's Connection Atlas & Field Guide. There are two editions for Wisconsin, Northern and Southern. It not only shows every lake in the state, it has all the rivers, boat and canoe launches, dams and major rapids. There is information on which fish species are present in each lake along with the relative numbers. It also has campgrounds, hunting areas, canoeing info, golf courses and trout streams.


By the way Michael, if you are looking for a cabin in Wisconsin, check out the chambers of commerce for Minocqua, Eagle River or Hayward web sites They'll have the majority of lakeside resorts.

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