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Difficulty in opening up the last post on a thread question

Rob G

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Can someone please explain to me why all of a sudden, (is it a factor that I'm now using Windows 10?) that when I try to click on the last post of a thread in order to go directly to the last post and avoid opening up the entire thread and slogging thru it, that Windows begins to download as a file but then won't let me open this file...... very strange. Always before, the thead would open right up and the last post would be visible. I don't have this problem with other websites.

Also, when I click on reply that I am about to post, it sends me a php file and I can't see my post pop up imediately.


Hmmmm? Is Terry trying to tell me something or keep me from posting my usual drivel?


Thanks for your input and help.


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There should never be any popups or downloads associated with these forums. You might have a virus or malware you picked up through browsing or through email. Best bet is to ensure you've got the latest virus and malware protection and run a full scan on your PC.


You can also review the help topic on "viewing active topics and new posts"...


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that doesn't seem to be the problem. All scans are clean and this from my work computer which is heavily protected. What pops up some of the time is a "index(1).php" and a microsoft box wants to know how I want to open a .php file. Btw, it only happens on this website, no other forums seem affected. For some reason, my computer wants to download and save these php files. Again, I can open any thread by just clicking on it like usual, this only occurs if I try to go right to the last post of a thread by clicking on the shortcut?



Flytyingforums.com uses this same format for their forums as the ISA and I have no problems clicking on "View last post" and it opens right up. Sometimes when I first log on this site, I can click on the grey date (view last post) and it opens up but if I continue trying this on other threads, then it immediately begins downloading those darn .php files and wants to know how I want to open them.


Totally befuddled.

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