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DuPage River-how quick does it drop?

gordon p

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The dupe is currently at 2,200 cfs ! With no serious rain in the forecast, does anyone have a good guesstimate of the rate of drop? Is it overly optimistic to expect it to be fishable by Mon? I'll be checking the USGS webpage but even if it gets down to say, 500 cfs, will it run relatively clear? I made my first casts of '07 on Tues. Waded the Kish by the Lib Conservation Area off Newburg Rd. for about 45 mins. River was high and wading was a bit difficult ( I'm mostly a canoe fisherman,I'll wet wade in summer ) got water in my waders and caught no fish but it felt great nontheless!

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If you look at the 30 day graph on the USGS web site, you can see that the last 2 times the rains came it took about 4 days to come back down to fishable levels. With this last rain raising the level so much higher than before, I'd say we're looking at least at next Wednesday before the river will be wadeable again. To get to 500, it could be as long as Friday, IF we don't get anymore rain. The forecast is calling for more wet stuff by Tuesday.

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