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Midwest Kayak Fishing Sympos

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I will be manning a booth at this event if anyone would care to join me......


Midwest Kayak Fishing Sympos

By Kevin Versino

Calling all anglers…….and anglers to be! Rocktown Adventures is pleased to announce the 1st Annual Midwest Kayak Fishing Symposium May 14-15 at Rock Cut State Park in Loves Park, IL. Rock Cut State Park is home to Pierce Lake and Olson Lake, providing plenty of opportunity to Gear Up and Head Out.

We invite you to join us to learn the basics of kayak fishing in one day. Fishing kayaks will be available for test

paddles from 9 AM – 5 PM on Saturday May 14 and include models from NuCanoe, Jackson Kayak, Native Watercraft, Wilderness Systems, and Eddyline. Kayak, paddle, PFD (life jacket) and some basic paddling instruction will also be provided. Bring your fishing gear and test out multiple kayaks in 20-30 minute paddles to learn what fits you best. Paddle around and make a few casts to see how a fishing kayak can help you get what we all want…..more fish! Learn how you would accessorize your kayak, where do you like to stage your rods, how does your tackle box integrate with the kayak? Can I fit a cooler or mount a fish finder? These and other questions can be best answered by going out and paddling a few different models. And you can’t beat the price for this experience…..it’s FREE!

Fishing from the pier at Olson Lake is fun for all ages, so bring the little ones out as well. We will have tandem kayaks on hand, so you can take your child(ren) out on the water and show them what it is like.

Along with the test paddles on Saturday May 14, we will have seminars on kayak fishing topics such as “How to Dress in Cold Weather,” Safety and Rescue,” and “Why I Fish from a Kayak.” Following the demo paddles and seminars, you can set up your camp site if you choose to camp on site. You will need to make reservations on your own as this area is managed by a third party. Visit Reserve America for fees and site availability. Why do you need a camp site? Because we are heading out on the water early in May 15!

On Sunday May 15, the day will begin with a campsite breakfast that will be determined once we receive our campsite assignment so we can direct you wear to meet. Not camping? No problem as you can meet up with us at Pierce Lake. After breakfast, we will head out to Pierce Lake for a few hours of kayak fishing and allow you to practice what you learned the day before We will have fishing kayaks available for rent at a discounted rate of $20, single or tandem. Please call the store ahead of time at 815-636-9066 to reserve and pay for your rental. No walk ups for this will be permitted, so reserve your Yak now.

More details will be announced as this exciting event nears, so be sure to check out our Website and Facebook page for updates. We look forward to the opportunity to Gear Up and Head Out with you on May 14-15 at the 1st Annual Midwest Kayak Fishing Symposium!

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Okay, I have decided to bring one other chair. Rivers are pretty close to being blown out.

Come on out and join me at the ISA tent., go out and try a new kayak just for the heck of it. Bring coffee.

If you stay home, you'll have to tackle a couple things on that "Honey Do List". Why bother?

Come out and join me.

Rock Cut State Park, Olson Lake side. 9 - 5

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Would have been an awesome show if not for the crapy weather.

All kinds of kayak fishing angler/pros on hand to give clinics, but pretty much nobody showed up and

the event ended up pretty much being a paddle party.

Some of those guys really have those kayaks loaded up with all kinds of neat stuff.

Maybe the weather will be better for next year.

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