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Another one bites the dust.

k olson

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I learned yesterday that Boogerman buzzbaits have gone out of business, this sucks, they have been my go to topwater for several seasons. I have been on the internet & to a few bait shops, nothing left in 1/4 & 3/8 oz wtf ? I was considering buying a few honeybuzz until Eric posted the design change so I figured I would stay with Boogerman, now I cant get either one ? If anyone is skilled enough to build a nice loud buzzbait where the prop hits the shaft let me know, I will glady buy it. :angry::angry:

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I hate when they discontinue a productive bait on me.


This sounds like the perfect time for you to get into the buzzbait making business ;) Let me know where you find the components for the honeybuzz...


Here's a link to something similar I found on a forum.



Seems like a few places still had boogerman in stock depending on the color you want...


Edit-fixed link. Btw if you buy some I would try a Black/black 1/4 oz if you would be so inclined...

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