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Austin Adduci and the Blowout

Mike Rathsack

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With the Blowout coming up, I wanted to post my experience with Austin Adduci who donated a Kankakee River float trip last year. I took that, and must say I forgot how beautiful the Kankakee is. If you have not tried it, it is like being transported to Canada, with nothing but water and quiet. I had a great time and found Austin to be a great guide and an interesting person to spend the afternoon with, and I learned something. My wife says that bar is not very high, but that is another topic for another day.


I just wanted to publicly thank him.


Mike Rathsack

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I've been fishing the K3 since I was a boy, mostly shore fishing when I was younger, then wade fishing as I matured. I have put in a lot of years on the river, though definitely no match for the time that some anglers like Norm have dedicated. I too have been on a couple of guided float trips, once with Austin and once with Will Winans. Both are excellent guides and they offer a whole new perspective on what the river has to offer as well as sharing their knowledge of the history of the area. Totally enjoyable and definitely a learning experience, both in general angling knowledge and also and more importantly to me was further developing my skills as a fly fisherman. While the cost of the trip isn't for everyone's budget, the value is justified and I fully intend on booking more trips in the future. Both gentlemen are supporters of the ISA and in the past have donated trips to the Blowout for silent auction. They are definitely worth bidding on!

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Did any of you catch many fish?

Going out with a guide on a float trip doesn't always guarantee results. That's just fishing. Often these trips are booked in advance as they stay pretty busy all season. This means sometimes the conditions can be an obstacle (high water, poor weather, etc.).


On one trip, the river was super low and crystal clear and we fished all day under bright skies. Not always ideal but we caught fish, and they were scattered and mostly on the smaller size.


The other trip was in the Fall, one of those crap days when a front moved in, right in the middle of two steady weather patterns we were experiencing. We had high winds and cool temps all day and fishing was tough. We rebounded in the last hour of the float, when the front passed, the wind calmed down and the temps actually rose even though the sun was getting ready to hide.


What you do get is a great day out on the water with guides that will share their experiences fishing the river as well as showing you water you may have never seen. I always learn something new on every trip.

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