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Fish Cat 4 For Sale

Forrest Miller

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I have an almost new Fish Cat 4 for sale. It has NEVER been on the water. I bought it on a whim at Cabelas with some points and never took it out. It had air in it and was on the display when I bought it. I let the air out of it and have not aired it back up since. I paid $149+Taxes. I do not have a pump or fins, just the bare boat. Make me an offer. If it is close to what I paid I'm sure we can deal.





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For smaller water like quarries strip pits farm ponds floatubes are ideal lightweight easy to inflate & with backstraps backpackable.With a good pair of fins they're easy to propel and allow you to hold a position effortlessly I've used them for many years and much prefer them to any other watercraft for stillwater fishing.If you fish any of the above waters I'd reconsider selling.I believe there may be some strip pits near Plano not far from where you live.

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