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ISA Grant- Moving Along

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Always enjoy seeing the progress of our grants sent out as a result of our members' generosity and commitment towards stream conservation!

Mike- We will begin project as soon as soil conditions are dry and semi - trucks can get back to project site and dump rock along river and contractor can place rip rap. The attached shows 100 tons of rip rap will be placed along the river bank. Thank you and ISA.

-Terry Hannan

Photo/Map of area where work is to be done....


Quote of material costs......


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Thanks for the update Mike. Are there any other grants you can talk about? Will there be a full report in upcoming Bronzeback Bulletins? As an active supporter, I would appreciate some more info on the grants. For example, would a few more bucks insure another grant being funded, or are there not enough good projects out there to justify our backing? Inquiring minds want to know.

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My upcoming article actually does describe several grants.
I'll be posting more here as the information is available and compiled.
Thanks for all your support, Dick!!

We do get a fair number of grant requests each and every year, and money is almost never an issue. If it is tightly focused toward the tenets of our mission statement, it gets our financial support. The ISA Grant page on our website is pretty explicit about what we are looking for. There are instances where we provide for other things that would fall under several tenets like "Education" or "Enhancing" that are not considered "grants", but contribute to the future of our sport.
For the most part though, we like to see "smallmouth habitat" as a main focus.

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Thanks for the informative answer Mike. Keep up the good work.

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