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Fastach Clips

Mike G

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It seems like a while since we have seen a neat gadget like the Parasite that we saw a while ago. This came to mind when I noticed that the manufacturer of the Chatterbait had replaced the crosslock snap on the bait with this connector.


Mustad KVD Fastach Clips.



It comes in many sizes. I picked up some size ones at Wally's. It is about right for regular lures and large #4 and up flies where the extra weight is no object. This is great for switching a bait quickly to go back after a follow or short strike.



$2 for 12.

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Rich, LOL



Mike, looks interesting... how much potential does the open design have for a fish do the right twist and shout combo to twist a lure off the clip? Just curious...

I've had a few snaps fail on me over the years (only a few) but it is still annoying... I tried the Norman speed clip and that is great for crank baits or closed loop spinners/buzzbaits but it would not work with all my jigs. I checked out the new Z chatter and it seems the Fastach clip has the flat surface of the blade to keep it from twisting off. While it seems unlikely a fish could twist off that was my first thought after seeing it.

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These I would rather buy since they are easy to find at Wally's.




I have that same concern. I was hoping someone who has used them would tell us. When I look at them, they look a bit like a snap that many of us have used for years on jig spinners.




See the family resemblance. Anyway I hope to try them out soon. Retie often anyway.

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