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Mike G

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Some of you may do business with them of get their catalog for fly tying and rod building. I thought I would pass on the information that they are currently running a promo 10% discount on your first order. Use promo code 2015Catalog10 .




Interesting Product Line



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a friend an I took the drive over to Springfield and spent quite a bit of time looking thru the four rooms of fly tying materials, rod building materials and lure building stuff. The place is very well hidden among several rows of warehouse buildings with only a small sign outside. They don't really have a show room and most items are not hung on a board so that you can easily browse but there are some items presented that way. Most items are in boxes that have catalog numbers attached which aids them in pulling and filling orders. They were very nice to us and showed us around, allowed us to browse and helped us locate the items that we wanted. It would help if you go there with a list of items that you would like to see. I just received their new catalog so if you didn't get one, you might want to call because their website is still a work in progress.


One last thing, don't go there and expect to see all the rod blanks that you can purchase from them in their catalog, they like so many other outlets these days, try to reduce their inventory costs by using just in time shipping from the manufacturers. All in all it was the worth the long drive for us and I look forward to doing it again.

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