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another minute of Fame?

Mike G

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Maybe I can milk another minute out of Q&A 7.


My claim is that I am the only ISA member that owns a Slide Inn Hat. See.




A kicker is the flies that came with the hat. Across the top: Sex Dungeon, Zoo Cougar, Nancy P, On the bill: Top, Butt Monkey, Bottom, Barely Legal.


The workmanship and materials are outstanding. Here is a closer look at each one.


The Sex Dungeon has the best Name.




The Zoo Cougar




Nancy P, a great craw imitation.




The Butt Monkey, where does he get these names?




The Barely Legal requires 12 Marabou blood quills to tie one according to Hoyle.




More descriptions and recipes are on he Slide Inn web site.





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Those are really cool Mike. Thanks for posting the photos.


Yea, I was reading one forum where several guys were lambasting Kelly for giving most all his flies these sexually related themes. And in fact, in the Cabela's catalog they alter the names slightly so as not to offend the more sensitive, such as "the dungeon" and the "art monkey" Ha


I would love to hear your take on some of those flies once you get a chance to cast them, such as what kind of movement they exhibit and what weight rod you feel is best suited for casting those chunks of material.

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Those are my style of flies................big and meaty. They would push tons of water and draw the attention from smallies for sure. I may try to adapt them and make a few into muskie size offerings....................thanks for sharing

John, (Sorry, Jonn,)


If you have not done so, it would be a good idea to Google up the whole QA series (1-7). Kelly explained what he is doing very well. He has a comprehensive system for big trout. He designs his flies to work with that run and gun approach. Besides the meaty action packed flies, one needs the right rod, line, leader, and presentation to make it a success. That said, his system does look like it would trigger Muskies and Bass to strike. I will certainly be using my full sink line more even though the pickup is a pain.

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