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Shark Tooth Line Cutter

Tom L

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Hey everyone. Just want to share a little tip that has been work very well for me. I've been using these "Shark Tooth Line Cutters" for the last 2 years. They have saved me a lot of time and frustration on the water.




KVD the Bassmaster also his own product lines. I first found out about this thing by accident. About 2 years ago when I bought a Maxima Fluoro Line (200yrd spool) for tippet (since I do a lot of fly changing :D )after reading one of Jon Graham's post, the shark tooth came with the spool. But when I bought the same Maxima line the second time, it wasn't included in the spool any more. I was hoping to get the second shark tooth to put on another line size tippet, but ended up buying them separately.


Has anyone been using this?

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Does it work on braid?

Yep. Tried it on 30lbs Power Pro. Cut thru with ease. The nicest thing about this device is that after cutting the tag end of the line it always leave a short enough tag so that you can easily find it the next time and the line won't coil out and get caught in the zipper of your sling pack or tangle on things. There are a lot of gadgets out there to catch fishermen, but this is one of the thing that is really useful.

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