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Nice. It is a great fly with a great history. But what is it, caddis, mayfly, shad...?


Mike- like many older trout flies, the Hornberg is whatever the fish think it is. Some think the yellow underneath the mallard flank produces an "irresistable" trigger. Who knows? I've never used one- my loss- but I think I'll have to whip some up soon.



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who knows? what do you think? I have fished it as a dry and a wet as well as trolled it like a streamer. grasshopper, caddis, brown trout, butter fly, mayfly, I think it depends on how you fish it and the size. timothy

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I always thought it interesting that ole Frank created it as a dry fly imitation Caddis but when it's a wet streamer, it sure has a baitfish profile to me. I've tied a couple and hope to try therm out on a couple smaller streams where the smallies tend to run small.


Nice article here about the fly:



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