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Cortlands MasterBraid


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Anyone tried Suffix braid? If so what did you think?



I've examined the Suffix braid---it appears to be another braid added to the selection of braids on todays market.

Nothing I could find, that stood out from the rest.


Personally, I like Cortlands MasterBraid® of all superbraids on todays market.


The color is imprenated throughout each individual strand, unlike others that are coated.


The MaterBraid will not loose its color, even after extended use, unlike other braids that loose their color, then followed by its "white" natural color of the individual stands.


The MasterBraid 10, 15, and 20lb lines are formulated for the spin cast angler.

You don't get the "wind knots", as experienced with other superbraids.


MasterBraid is a true round braid, unlike other braids on the market, than flatten out after some use.

(Flat braids can lock-up in the reels spool).


MasterBraid is treated with a product, that minimizes or eliminates getting locked up, like with other braids.


"Bronzeback Brown" (tan) color, was formulated for the smallmouth bass angler in mind, fishing most waters.

It blends in well with any submerged structure---wood, rock, weeds, and the like.


When fishing clear bodies of water, that have dark bottom areas, that are most predominent in most waters,

I apply a "black" color, using a felt permanent pen, to the first 2 feet of line, starting at the eye, and up the line.

Then skip 2 inches and add 2" of black color---continue "skip marking" for the next foot or two.

This coloring camoflages the line with most objects in the water.


Another great feature with the MasterBraid, is that it "floats".

The slack line lays nicely on the water---I can see it very well, over other superbraids---especially the greenish colored lines. The greenish (dark) color blends in with the waters surface, whether clear or colored---making it difficult to see, if you're a line watcher.


Being a line watcher, I'm paying very close attention to the slightest of movement---

caused by a fish picking up the bait---sucking it in and staying in place or moving off slightly.

The "Bronzeback Brown" color can be seen more easily, even when the fish causes the line to move a very little.


The 20lb MasterBraid is ideal for medium to med-heavy spinning gear, such as on my set-ups for steelhead and salmon fishing---using long rods and a 4000 size reels. The 4000 size reel spool holds a lot more line, which is needed for bigger waters, whether lakes or rivers. (Great for catffish anglers also).


Another thing I do, when fishing gin clear waters, like some Wisc and Mich waters, and if I'm suspicious of a fish seeing the line, on those clear bottom lakes, I'll add a clear mono tippet, of 2-4ft, joined to the superbraid, using a double-uni knot.


I started fishing the Cortland MasterBraid line, since it was first available for evaluation and testing.

I've found it to be the best superbraid line I've ever used.

Thats my story, and I'm sticking to it.


The MasterBraid is also available in a "Seafoam Blue" color---the #1 choice for salt-water anglers.

The Seafoam Blue line is highly visible---the human eye can see it very well on the waters surface---especially on the glistening waters surfaces, caused by the suns reflection.

Can the fish see it? ---Perhaps, but the fish are looking UP and to the side---the waters surface is blueish and the sky is blue!

Therefore, it should be the ideal color---right?---right.


I also use the MasterBraid on some of my bait casting rod & reel rigs---20lb is the smallest I go, and use that for my light action baitcasting rigs, 30lb for my baitcasting medium heavy rigs, and 50lb for my heavy rigs---

65 and 80 lb for my musky rigs.


I don't pretend to be an expert---I'm just fortunate to fish a lot.

Beats workin'

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Guest rich mc

ken spooled me up the smallie colored cortland last feb, it has done well except for one mid spool loop that i couldnt remove. it been great for my chatterbait. its on a mitchell spinning reel

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ken spooled me up the smallie colored cortland last feb, it has done well except for one mid spool loop that i couldnt remove. it been great for my chatterbait. its on a mitchell spinning reel


Bring the reel by the store, I'll get that "loop" issue resolved.


I'll get that "hitch-hiker" removed from the line, that caused the loop.

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